Graduate Scholarships

It is true that scholarships for those students who are purusing graduate degree studies are less common than undergraduate scholarships.  At first glance this may seem like a disadvantage but in reality it is actually an advantage. You see such scholarships are typically less competitive so they are somewhat easier to obtain, particularly if you employ some of the search strategies we describe here.  However, we want our visitors to know that this isn’t just a site that lists just the popular scholarships for graduates. We also provide a variety of resources and leads to many types of scholarships for which you should  explore.  Our best advice is don’t just limit yourself to offerings that are aimed at only graduate level students. There is a lot of money out there for you to tap into and we will show you where and how you can take advantage.  Also, we have provided information that will help direct you to financial aid if you wish to go down that path.  Let us explore what the prospects are for you at this stage of your education.

Student Loans

Student loans can be a great way to pay for your college. Now, obviously it does have some disadvantages due to the fact that you will eventually have to pay that loan back. However, you will be guaranteed the money if you take out a student loan. We have taken the liberty of locating one of the best student loan finders on the net. All you have to do is fill out your search query and it will give you the best student loans that are available for your situation. You can find the link to the student loan service below:
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Exploring Scholarships For Graduate Students

One of the first things you must put in perspective is that there are many billions of dollars awarded to enterprising students each year.   All of this money you can possibly be awarded is free to you. You only need to make an investment in time to do some research to identify scholarship leads and then apply for the scholarships you believe are a good fit.  You need not pay the money back.  A scholarship is not a student loan and there are many types to choose from.  The billions of dollars come from universities attempting to attract students, corporations, various local, regional, and national organizations, and state and federal governments.  Now, some of this money can flow in your direction, but you must understand the scholarship game.  Just because you have been a student for some time does not prohibit your from applying and potentially qualifying for scholarships funds.  Later we will discuss some key tactics you should employ, but know this… each year billions of dollars are out there for the taking.

Finding The Money

A lot of the things you will learn as you explore our website is that being successful in the world of accumulating scholarship and grant money is largely a two fold process. First, much of what you and/or your scholarship team (we recommend you form a small group of friends who can work together) will spend their time on, is locating and applying for scholarships that match up well with your profile. It is not sufficient to identify 10-15 scholarships leads. While that may sound like a step in the right direction, make no mistake, it is only a very small step. The reality is that your success will depend greatly on your ability to identify many scholarships and grant money opportunities and then pursuing them all the way through the application process. Typically, for every 10 scholarships you make application for, you win one. That sounds exciting, but why not win more. And why trust in the law of averages. Perhaps you may need to apply for 15 or 20 before that first award come knocking on your door.

The second phase of your efforts will be in the area of application and follow-up. That can be tedious, but working with a team and having a plan with time lines laid out can be very motivating and very helpful. A great deal of funds are out there in education awards, so begin your process now to start raking in some of the dollars you most definitely can use to advance your education pursuits.

  • Colleges Can Help You- Every college is well aware that graduate school can be very expensive. There are certain universities that aid their alumni through a series of tuition discounts. To get a full list of those discounts and college please visit the link we have provided.
  • Journalism Graduate Scholarship- If you are going to or plan on going to graduate school for journalism this is a great scholarship to apply for. It awards $2,500 to a winner who excels in the field of journalism.
  • Future Teacher Scholarships- If you are planning on becoming a teacher and going to graduate school for it then you should consider applying for this grant. It awards $1,000 to the winner.

A Success Story

Everyone is looking to get ahead in the race to win some scholarship money.  There is a bundle of dollars out there, but where to look and how to start was one of the things that Amy Gleeson was struggling with when she reached out for some advice.  I have known Amy for awhile and she was looking to get some help with meeting college expenses when we spoke recently.  A couple of years ago when she was already enrolled in college, she had contacted me to get some ideas on how she can get some financial assistance.  She was still completing here bachelor’s degree as an accounting major, but knew she was going to also pursue her master’s and based on what she already had learned about the cost of everything education related, she would need some ideas and help with getting her financial footing before committing to graduate school.

This of course is not an unusual story.  Amy was bright eyed and excited about college when she first started.  She is bright and had a strong academic foundation which helped her in qualifying for a couple of scholarships.  I remember advising here that scholarships are like Easter eggs…they field is abundant with many types and flavors and that they more hunts you go on…the more you hustle…the greater your chances.  Of course with Amy you need not push too many buttons to get her fired up and back then she applied for about 25 scholarships and sure enough, two rather nice scholarships fell in her lap.  With both, it appeared at that time that about 80% of her educational expenses would be covered.  Well, wind the clock forward two three years later and now Amy is telling me that not only did the scholarship money fall well short of her estimates, but she was worried about how she would ever complete her graduate studies.

It is not really that uncommon of a plight.  The cost of attending college keeps increasing and it seems that schools are finding more creative ways to charge students fees.  And tax laws are certainly not helping that much as a recent change in the regulations will eliminate the tax deductions one could take for educational expenses.  Whatever happened to the notion that Education should come first in our society?  Well, that is another topic.  Anyway, back to Amy.  What I told her is that the playing field as it pertains to the availability of scholarships, grants, and other forms of financial assistance has changed little.   There are literally many, many thousands of prospects out there.  I told here to get back to the Easter egg hunt, but to conduct many of them….one for academic related scholarships, one for general scholarships, one for essay focused scholarships, one for all of the weird and wacky scholarships, and of course those that are designed for graduate students.  But I told Amy not to stop there as she should be hunting in the area of grants for graduate students (or any educational grant for that matter).  The best way I could describe to here is think of not just a large field in which you will go seeking scholarships, but think in terms of many fields across several categories of scholarships and grants.  I told here, in order to build in some commitment and accountability, that I wanted here to come back to me in 6 weeks and tell me what she has done.  But I emphasized that she need to think big.  While she applied for 25 scholarships three years ago, she probably short changed herself based on just basic probabilities.  For example, for every 10 scholarships you apply for, you should be awarded one, more or less.  I emphasized that she should shoot higher by a factor of 5.

Amy as you could have guessed is a self starter, so she had no problem grasping the importance and enormity of what she had to do.  She created a mindset that this scholarship project…if it was going to be successful…would require that she think of this project as a part-time job, at least during the period that she was on the hunt.  Before the six weeks elapsed, Amy came a calling telling me that not only did she find a ton of scholarships and grants…..she did a lot of database searches and visited a lot of Internet sites…. but she had applications in various stages of evaluation with over 120 organizations and sponsoring entities.  And 3 scholarships….albeit on the smaller size, have thus far been awarded to her.  But this is just the beginning.  Being an accounting type of person, Amy understood the power of statistical prediction.  I am ecstatic with her approach.  I encourage anyone looking to put a dent the cost of attending college to employ a very similar strategy.  Good luck hunting!