Christian Graduate Scholarships

Christian students pursuing advanced college degrees can find financial assistance to help them attain their master’s or doctoral degrees.

While most Christian graduate school scholarships are aimed primarily at students studying theology or for the ministry, scholarships for other fields can be found.

Students should start their scholarship search first with the church they attend. While local churches probably won’t award Christian graduate fellowships, the national faith association may do so. Prospective grad students also should check with the Christian colleges they are attending, as religion-based colleges award scholarships, though more may be available for undergraduate than graduate students.

The Internet is an invaluable tool when ferreting out scholarships to pay for advanced degrees. Dozens of leads can be found in just a few minutes of searching for “Christian graduate school fellowships.”

An example of this is the graduate scholarships offered by the American Bible Society. It awards a $3,000 scholarship from the William and Alice Brown endowment. Applicants must show leadership potential and be working toward an advanced degree in medicine or education. The society also awards four $3,000 scholarships sponsored by Lt. Colonel Robert and Mrs. Rae M. Goodridge. Applicants must be residents of Hawaii who are full-time graduate school students in a divinity program or Protestant seminary.

Women or children of women missionaries can apply for graduate scholarships from the Women’s Missionary Union. Both the R. Keith Parks and Carolyn Weatherford scholarships are for students who want to become foreign missionaries.

The International Order of King’s Daughters and Sons offers scholarships for students studying for a Masters of Divinity degree. Open only to U.S. and Canadian citizens, a student’s career goal should be to become a minister at an organized congregation. The graduate school must be accredited by the Association of Theological Schools.

The American Home Baptist Missionary Societies offers graduate scholarships to students who are active members of an American Baptist church. The organization offers up to $3,000 for a PhD candidate who plans to teach in a college or seminary that trains others to become ministers in the American Baptist church. The society also offers the Ellen Cushing Scholarship for women who will be working in human services following graduation.

One scholarship is based not on need or academic excellence but the luck of the draw. The Christian Connector awards a $1,000 scholarship to students entering their contest.

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