Graduate Scholarships For Black Women

Many graduate scholarships for African American women are available to ambitious scholars with a serious bent toward self-betterment. Open-mindedness and a willingness to exert a modicum of time and effort are the main threshold requirements.

A study of dual diversity dynamics

Grooming diverse professional workforce enables better competition by American businesses within global markets. Virtually all graduate scholarships for African Americans exist to serve overwhelming economic and social agendas of diversity enhancement.

Despite this commonality, any search for masters scholarships for African American women itself requires an approach of immense diversity. Therefore, any efficient search for such educational funding requires adequate preparation.

Knowledge is power

Graduate scholarships for black women may be categorized into two basic types:

- Career-specific

A perpetual shortage of qualified practitioners makes law and medicine the twin “mainstays” of graduate scholarship assistance. This fundamental causative factor also attributes to an abundance of educational funding for African American females planning to enter engineering, business, and science. Historically, black women have been notably absent from these fields.

- American Association of University Women (“AAUW”)

AAUW sponsors a “Selected Professions Fellowship” for minority female students in law, medicine and business administration. This prestigious award comes with an annual stipend of $5,000 to $18,000. For further details, contact:

Dept. 60
2201 N. Dodge St.
Iowa City, IA 52243

- American Planning Association (“APA”)

APA offers need-based scholarships for black women wishing to pursue Urban-Planning careers. For further details, contact:

American Planning Association
122 S. Michigan Avenue, Suite 1600
Chicago, IL 60603

- National Physical Science Consortium (“NPSC”)

NPSC awards graduate fellowships with an annual stipend of $16,000 minority female scholars currently pursuing graduate studies in scientific disciplines with majors of Biology, Physics, Geology, and Astronomy. For additional details, contact:

National Physical Science Consortium
3716 S. Hope, Suite 348
Los Angeles, CA 90007

- Institutional

Institutional scholarship awards are school-specific. Thus, conduct a search engine query for “minority scholarships” or “African American fellowships” with the name of your intended alma maters attached. Also, consult admissions personnel in the graduate division in which you plan to enroll.

Go straight to straightforward sources

- National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (“NAACP”)

NAACP’s Scholarship Committee offers an excellent overview of academic scholarships for African Americans at The site also provides free registration for subsequent e-mail updates about new scholarships.

- United Negro College Fund (“UNCF”)

In accordance with its popular motto, “A mind is a terrible thing to waste,” UNCF currently administers more than 450 named scholarship funds at private historically black private colleges and universities (“HBCUs”). See for additional details about specific programs.

- Thurgood Marshall College Fund (“TMCF”)

TMCF is currently the sole source of merit-based scholarship funding at 47 public HBCUs. To claim your share of more than $100,000,000 USD in TMCF assistance, visit

Practical pecuniary concepts

- Flexibility

Consider the following multiple-choice question:

“Which is better?

a) An empty frame filled with an imaginary Ivy League diploma.

b) A framed display of papyrus earned from an accredited “second best” institution.

It requires little imagination and even less brainpower to deduce the correct response to the above query.

- Exit the “no” zone

Explore alternate routes to desired education destinations. For instance, many online degree programs offer outstanding educational assistance packages designed to bolster interest in relatively novel e-learning formats.

- Gender ≠ hinder

Include an indirect approach in your quest for the best masters scholarships for African American women. A variety of non-ethnic scholarships exists to assist ambitious women with attempts to attain academic advancement.

For instance, a disproportionate number of our nation’s single parents are black women. Full exploration of sites like is therefore time well spent. Likewise, generalized search queries for “minority graduate scholarships” or “African American educational assistance” are also worthwhile.

Final analysis final exam

a) Ph.D.
b) M.D.
c) J.D.
d) “No D”

As illustrated above, copious amounts of adaptability and tenacity combined with a generous touch of perseverance is the best recipe for success when seeking great graduate scholarships for African America women.

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